October 2020

Can You Hear Me Now?

We take a look at the importance of biblical communication in ALL our relationships.

March 2020

Recover and Re|Engage

Let’s take a look at Celebrate Recovery and Re|Engage and see how they can both apply to everyone.

February 2020

Flesh Vs. Spirit

January 2020

Fasting For The Future

Description: Fasting is never immediately fun or even rewarding but fasting is a spiritual practice that God rewards down the road.

December 2019

Love Is…

Overflowing Thankfulness

November 2019

What To Do With Kanye?

Not many people rise to the status of being known by one name. Kanye is one of those people. After a life of controversy, he now proclaims that he is walking with Christ and making a big splash doing it.  How should the church respond?

Just Not Feeling It

Our struggle with inadequacy is a battle that God wants us to win. He has a plan.

October 2019

Next Steps: Back to the Basics

This morning, we let Paul take us back to the basics of our faith.  As we take a look at the Book of Romans, Paul gives a clear presentation of the Gospel and how we can apply it practically to our lives.

Following Christ

Jesus gave us a three step process for discipleship. Simple steps but not easy steps.

September 2019

Finding Hope in the Midst of Life

August 2019

Friendship and Spiritual Growth

What does the Bible say to us about friendship and spiritual growth?

GPC Core Values

Great Servolution 2019 Week!  Celebrating servanthood!

GPC Core Values

As a family, Grace Pointe, lives by four core values. These values are revealed in everyday practical ways. Today, is one of those days. The first day of Servolution 2019. Let’s show Irving what we are all about!

Hearing God’s Voice

Guest speaker Richard Norris on the why and how of hearing God’s voice.

June 2019


Sowing and Reaping

God has established the universe around certain natural and spiritual laws. One of those laws is the Law of Sowing and Reaping.

Friend Of The Father

Friend Of The Father

May 2019

Who God Called Me To Be

Which Way?

Looking for direction? Keep the old truth in mind:  I don’t know what the future holds but I can trust the One who holds the future.

Mother’s Day

Grandmother Eunice and Mother Lois weren’t well-known to the world but powerfully influential in Timothy’s life. Timothy honored their commitment to him and to Christ by honoring Christ also.

Compassion Sunday – The Good Samaritan

April 2019

A Little Goes A Long Way

Faith starts small, grows and goes a long way.

December 2018

Being Intentional With Life

Being Intentional With Life.

November 2018

Holiday Advice From Scripture

Along with joy comes the difficulties of maneuvering through the hustle and bustle of the holidays. What does the Bible say about handling these pressures?

September 2018


Vision – A portrait that God paints on the heart of every believer about what could be, and should be, in the Kingdom of God. 

Trusting God’s Love

Difficulty can derail us from our purpose; therefore, we must trust in God’s love for us during difficult times.

In the Lion’s Den

Right thinking leads to right living.

Lessons from the Side of the Road

Listen this week to hear Jeremy shares a personal story about Gods provision in his life.  God cares to provide for you no matter how big or small you think the need may be.

Facing Crisis with Confidence

Crisis can take the confidence right out of our lives. David had a plan to deal with crisis and keep his confidence in God.