May 2022

Mother’s Day

God meets the needs of a family through the faith and obedience of a loving mother.

March 2022

GPC Core Values

Our job, as the church, is to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel”. Today’s message is about the shared values that will allow us to work together to fulfill our calling.

Clean Feet and Holy Hearts

Grace matters and we should be holy as well;  Let’s take a look at how the Bible tells us to do this. 

November 2021

Behold Then Become

God doesn’t want to remain where we are, instead he has called us to greater things.  Today we look at how we relate to Peter in the Bible.

October 2021


 God’s promises for your life. 

September 2021

CHAT with God

Prayer is not meant to be difficult to figure out; It is meant to be a conversation that moves us closer to God.

The One Thing That Changes Everything

Spending intentional daily time with God changes all areas of your life.  Let’s take a look at how to make that happen.

Designed To Connect

Taking a Biblical look into how we are to make real connections with others, in meaningful ways.

August 2021

Unity in the Body

Unity and Division: Let us not derail God’s eternal plan for us in light of temporary problems.

Who is Jesus?

The answer to this question determines how we live our lives.  Let’s make sure we know the correct answer.

Trust The Process

Our lives are not a series of random events. God is taking us somewhere. So, hang in there!

Dealing With Insecurty

God created us for a purpose. Insecurity will derail our purpose.  How do we fight insecurity in our lives?

July 2021

Benefits of Unity

God uses unity to build His church and benefit His people.

Servolution Communion

Jesus redeemed his disciples and then sent them out to serve the world and share the Gospel. Here we go!

5 Blessings We Experience By Serving Others

Obsession with ‘self’ leads to despair, Serving others leads to blessings.

But God Remembered Noah

 Genesis 8:1a (NIV) 1 But God remembered Noah…

May 2021

God’s Love

We take a hard look at scripture and how it is intended for your ultimate good.

9 Things I Need To Do Everyday

Graduation Advice

Jesus is More Than Enough

In the platform of our lives, we sort by relevance, sometimes making Jesus a “part”.  Rather than making Him an app, We must make Jesus our whole life.

We Are Family

Jesus is what links us together.  This represents the family of God.  We are Connected by the blood of Jesus. 

January 2021

Things God Wants You To Know

There are many things God wants you to know. Thats why those things are in the Bible. Here are a few to remember when you’re facing tough times.

Lord’s Prayer

For many of us, we struggle with prayer and often feel guilty for how little we pray.  When we finally do make time to pray, we often don’t know what to say. As we begin our journey into prayer, we want to begin with how Jesus taught his disciples how to pray.

Biblical Fasting

Fasting is focusing on God.  God uses fasting and prayer in combination to do his work.  As we yield to God in these spiritual disciplines we will see and sense God’s work.

October 2020

Can You Hear Me Now?

We take a look at the importance of biblical communication in ALL our relationships.

March 2020

Recover and Re|Engage

Let’s take a look at Celebrate Recovery and Re|Engage and see how they can both apply to everyone.

February 2020

Flesh Vs. Spirit

January 2020

Fasting For The Future

Description: Fasting is never immediately fun or even rewarding but fasting is a spiritual practice that God rewards down the road.

December 2019

Love Is…

Overflowing Thankfulness

November 2019

What To Do With Kanye?

Not many people rise to the status of being known by one name. Kanye is one of those people. After a life of controversy, he now proclaims that he is walking with Christ and making a big splash doing it.  How should the church respond?