March 2020

David and Goliath

God’s support for David didn’t just appear when Goliath did. God had been preparing David for this moment for years.

February 2020

Benaiah and the Pit

Benaiah was a warrior who had learned to face his fears. This great story requires that we answer the question, “Will we be motivated by faith or by fear?”

Cain and Abel

The most famous sibling rivalry of all time was born out of jealousy and destroyed a family. Jealousy and Joyfulness never coexist. We all must choose. 

Fiery Furnace

Sometimes we trust in God’s power other times we trust in God’s plan. Ultimately, we trust in Him.

January 2020

Daniel and the Lion’s Den

Daniel faced many challenges that could have changed his course. These challenges could have led him away from God but he knew where home was.

Saul and David in a Cave

Description: David had a decision to make about his enemy Saul. He understood that to be human is to have enemies. To be godly is to love our enemies.

Elijah and the Widow

To walk in blessing is to follow in faith.