April 2021

Lives On Purpose

As disciples, we are called to serve God and our fellow man…to live a life of Purpose.

March 2021


As disciples, God instructs us to be generous, not because He needs what we have but because we need what He has.

Evangelistically Bold

God calls disciples to live a courageous lifestyle that points people to Christ. 

Lives Morally Pure

Living morally pure is a distinctive of a disciple but a disciple could never accomplish this without some help.  God is our source for pure living.

February 2021

Governed by the Authority of God’s Word

As a Believer grows into a Disciple, the authority of God’s word guides each step.

Sensitive and Submitted to the Holy Spirit

The more connected we are to the Holy Spirit, the more connected we are to God.  He is the presence, power and anointing of God. When we receive Jesus as Lord, His Spirit comes to live inside of us—to cleanse us and to empower us to live a new life, but we must be sensitive […]

Extraordinary Love For People

The process of moving from believer to disciple requires growth.  One of those areas is love.  Jesus explained that the most important characteristic of a disciple is Love.

January 2021

Passionately Committed to Jesus

There is a difference in being a believer in Christ and a disciple of Christ. Today, we begin the journey of that transformation by talking about being passionately committed to Christ.