January 2022

Fellowship and Encouragement

Fellowship was one of the key ingredients of the success of the early church. Encouragement is one of the key ingredients of fellowship. Encouraging fellow believers builds the kingdom of God.

Tending The Fire

The Holy Spirit has empowered us to impact our world. Tending the fire that He has baptized us in is a first step to reaching our world

December 2021

His Presence is His Present

We know Him as Immanuel, God Is With Us. Jesus came to us as a baby and He continues with us every minute of everyday as the Savior of the world.

The Gift of Truth

Jesus gave us the gift of grace. To embrace the gift of grace we first need to accept the other gift He gave us…Truth.

Naughty or Nice

God’s unsurpassed gift of Grace was to given freely to people who didn’t deserve it…us.

November 2021

How to be Unthankful

Today we’ll look at how to be unthankful, and then work backward from there.

Recognizing Blessing

We often slide through life overlooking the most obvious of God’s blessings.  Recognizing God’s blessings is the first step toward not missing Thanksgiving.

The Nine Guys Who Missed Thanksgiving

God’s blessings are always with us.  Our busy lifestyle can distract us from thanking God for those blessings.  How do we change that?

October 2021

Don’t Feed The Bears

Fear is a very real problem in our world; It grows when we feed it.  What does the Bible say about starving our fear?

Changing A Boring Life

While so much is happening around us everyday, boredom exists as an epidemic of our times but God wants to give us a fulfilling life of purpose.

Unload The Guilty Feelings

If we have been forgiven of our sins and still carry the feelings of guilt that follow sin, we are not fully accepting God’s grace. God has abundant life for us if we will accept it.

September 2021

CHAT with God

Prayer is not meant to be difficult to figure out; It is meant to be a conversation that moves us closer to God.

Why Would I Read The Bible

The Bible changes us…if we read it.

August 2021

Unity in the Body

Unity and Division: Let us not derail God’s eternal plan for us in light of temporary problems.

Who is Jesus?

The answer to this question determines how we live our lives.  Let’s make sure we know the correct answer.

Trust The Process

Our lives are not a series of random events. God is taking us somewhere. So, hang in there!

Dealing With Insecurty

God created us for a purpose. Insecurity will derail our purpose.  How do we fight insecurity in our lives?

July 2021

Benefits of Unity

God uses unity to build His church and benefit His people.

Servolution Communion

Jesus redeemed his disciples and then sent them out to serve the world and share the Gospel. Here we go!

5 Blessings We Experience By Serving Others

Obsession with ‘self’ leads to despair, Serving others leads to blessings.

June 2021

Why Does God Want My Money?

God doesn’t need anything that belongs to us. He uses giving as a method of developing our character.

How Should I Pray?

Jesus gave his disciples a model for everyday prayer; It’s not complicated.  It simply needs to be ‘turned on’ so we can ‘tune in’ to Him.

What Does It Mean To Believe?

Our journey with God starts by believing.  What does that mean?

Why Do We Go Swimming At Church

What is Baptism and why is it important?

May 2021

9 Things I Need To Do Everyday

Graduation Advice

How To Keep A Full Tank

Running on empty was never God’s plan for us so how can we keep the tank full?

April 2021

Margin and Fruitfulness

That’s the goal for living with margin is to be more effective with less stress and less pressure. How does the Bible tell us to do this?

Learning To Slow Down

Hurry does not bring God’s blessing into our lives. What does the Bible teach us to do when we are caught in an unending cycle of busyness?

What is a Margin?

Margin is the space between my load and my limit. If my margin is unhealthy I am unavailable for God to use. What can I do about it?

Lives On Purpose

As disciples, we are called to serve God and our fellow man…to live a life of Purpose.