July 2022

Are We There Yet?

King David asked in Psalms 13 ‘How Long O Lord’, let’s dive into this today and apply it in our own lives.

July 2021

But God Remembered Noah

 Genesis 8:1a (NIV) 1 But God remembered Noah…

May 2021

Jesus is More Than Enough

In the platform of our lives, we sort by relevance, sometimes making Jesus a “part”.  Rather than making Him an app, We must make Jesus our whole life.

December 2019

Overflowing Thankfulness

September 2019

Finding Hope in the Midst of Life

June 2019

Friend Of The Father

Friend Of The Father

March 2019

Victory Over Death


September 2018

In the Lion’s Den

Right thinking leads to right living.

August 2018

It’s All About Serving

Serving is one of the most basic aspects of the rooted life. We are called to show the world the love and compassion of Jesus. When we serve it reveals God to a broken world while connecting us to his heart.

July 2018


Finding freedom from your baggage through Jesus.

July 2017

A New Story

An encounter with Jesus leaves you with a story to tell.

A New Future

It can be hard to be hopeful about the future in the middle of our daily circumstances. We need a fresh encounter with Jesus, because only He can give us a brand new future. (Luke 7:11-17)

Brand New

Jesus changes everything.

June 2017


Pressing reset.

July 2016

Growing Weary

Don’t grow weary and miss the harvest.