At Grace Pointe Church, we want to make it easy for you to give in whatever way is most comfortable for you. That’s why we offer several ways for you to give. All of them are easy and secure.

    • In-Person  –  You can always give at any of our services by cash and check or by card using our giving kiosk in the front lobby.  If you are giving by cash or check, most services will have ushers that collect tithes and offerings, but if they are not available you can always drop your gift into the wooden boxes on either side of the media booth. These are emptied on a regular basis.
    • Giving Kiosk  –  If you would like to give electronically, through your debit card while you are at church, please visit the giving kiosk.  It takes less than 30 seconds to complete a transaction. You can also setup recurring giving with this kiosk.
    • Text-to-Give  –  Just send a quick text to (972) 200-9206 to give directly in whatever way you chose when you setup your account.  The first time you use this option you will be sent a link to setup your profile.  After that, you just type “Give 200?* in order to give $200. It will send a confirmation text to make sure you entered the amount correctly, and once you confirm it, your gift will be complete. (* You can give any amount you would like, this is only an example.)
    • USPS Mail –  You can mail your gifts to Grace Pointe Church, 208 S Story Rd, Irving, TX 75060
    • SecureGive App  –  SecureGive offers an application on both iOS as well as Android for your use if you prefer.  At Grace Pointe Church, we believe this to be a more difficult process, which is why we do not promote it.
    • Online Giving  –  To be taken to our giving page.
    • Setup Recurring Giving  – If you would like to setup your giving to automatically deduct from your account.  You may also setup recurring giving at the giving kiosk in the church lobby

Secured by

Use of Funds
In good faith, donations outside of general giving (tithes and offerings) will be used in accordance with the wishes of the donor as often as possible.  However, there may be times, at the discretion of the Church & Pastor’s Council, that funds given for one purpose, may be used for purposes other than those designated by the donor.  The church reserves the right to make that determination as needed. By donating to Grace Pointe Church, whether through tithes, offerings, or gifts to specific funds/projects, you agree to this policy.  Of course, we try to honor donor wishes whenever it is within our power to do so. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact Robert in the church office at 972.254.6309.
“Grace Pointe Church is a qualified section 501(c)(3) organization. All tithes, offerings, or donations of any kind are tax-deductible under section 170(c)(2). Your gift constitutes your agreement to relinquish control in accordance with IRS regulation.”