January 2018

My Next Steps

Each of us has a next step that God has planned. He wants us to move closer to Him with each step.

Immediate Steps

Delay is a tactic of Satan to stunt our spiritual growth. Moving forward in Christ is a journey that requires movement…immediate movement.

One Step at a Time

Moving forward in Christ is a journey that requires our cooperation. Are you ready to take that next step in your journey?

December 2017

New Year New Hope

What would 2018 look like if I made different choices than I made in 2017?

Courageous Contentmant

In the Christmas story, the teachers of religious law lacked a courageous contentment found in the wise men. This Christmas season brings with it a time of decision. What will I choose?

Choosing Contentment

The Holiday season can bring with it guilt and excess. How can we prevent these joy-destroying stumbling blocks from ruining one of the most exciting times of the year?

November 2017

Ingredients of Thankfulness

Thanksgiving Day is filled with our favorite recipes. It’s a foodie’s dream come true. In this message, we discover that thankfulness has it’s very own recipe.

How to Thank God this Thanksgiving

Sometimes someone does something so special that we want to express our thankfulness in a new and unique way. The Bible gives us several ways to say “Thank You” to God.


October 2017

Team Rules

We all having differing experiences, goals, plans, and desires that lead us to differing viewpoints of the world. With all of this pulling against us how do we stay unified?

Devoted In Disagreement

How can I serve and help someone whose beliefs are conflicting with traditional interpretation of Scripture?

Unity In A Divided World

In our current overly sensitive political climate and excessively opinionated culture… are we forgetting the things that matter to God?

Staying Focused

Keeping your focus can be a difficult task.  The Apostle Paul gives us some instruction on how to stay focused and what to stay focused on.

Refocusing Priorities

This message looks at Haggai’s words to the Jews people about their unfocused priorities and how they could get back on track.  A life lived with focused priorities is a fulfilling life.

September 2017

Confusion Refocused

Those confusing moments that inevitably come our way don’t have to derail our future.  This message is about how we refocus during times of confusion.

After A Bad Decision

Bad decisions can take us down a path from which returning feels impossible.  God has created a miraculous return path.  This message will help us start our return journey.

A Change of Mind

Even an on-track, growing believer from time to time needs to refocus, not because he is lost, but because he wants to maximize his calling and influence. God wants this change to be deep and lasting. This message will help us start to refocus.

August 2017

Forgive and Forget

John 8:1-12

Keep Hope Alive

Luke 1:6-19

Legacy Of Love

What does it mean to leave a legacy?  More specifically, how can we leave a legacy of love that carries on for generations?

Compassion Sunday

Compasion Sunday featuring Olive Aneno, a graduate from Compassion International in Uganda.

July 2017

A New Story

An encounter with Jesus leaves you with a story to tell.

A New Future

It can be hard to be hopeful about the future in the middle of our daily circumstances. We need a fresh encounter with Jesus, because only He can give us a brand new future. (Luke 7:11-17)

Brand New

Jesus changes everything.

Grace Pointe Core Values

The 4 core values of GPC. 1. Love God, 2. Love Others, 3. Have Fun, 4. Give Excellence

June 2017

Lost Things

Fathers Day

God has called fathers to lead their families toward Him. As men, we may not feel adequate to fill the role and duties of fatherhood but every great man of God embraces risk and leads!


Pressing reset.

May 2017


Sometimes God challenges us to trust Him with a higher level of faith.

Have The Conversation

Unresolved conflict causes stress in our lives. Jesus gives us a plan for effectively handling interpersonal conflict.