January 2019

God’s Transforming Power

God loves you just the way you are but He loves you too much to leave you that way. His desire is to save you and transform you into something beautiful.

Where Do I Want To Be

This is the first message exploring the question: If I continue doing what I’m doing right now will my life reflect Christ more or less in five years?

December 2018

Being Intentional With Life

Being Intentional With Life.

A Savior’s Love

Jesus was the only option for mankind. He gladly gave up everything to become our Savior!

The Word Came Down

Jesus was the picture of what God wanted to say to humankind. His message: I Love You!

Give Your Cares To The Giver

The Giver of Life came and asks that we give Him our cares.

November 2018

Holiday Advice From Scripture

Along with joy comes the difficulties of maneuvering through the hustle and bustle of the holidays. What does the Bible say about handling these pressures?

Heroes of Faith – The Roundabout Journey

God started the Israelites on the journey to the Promised Land by leading them through situations the Israelites didn’t like but God felt were necessary. 

Heroes of Faith – Moses – God Sees Potential

The Israelites future looked bleak but where we see nothing God sees potential.

Heroes of Faith – Moses – The Plagues

Never underestimate the power of God in everyday life. The Israelites had no idea of God’s power or love for them when he brought the plagues on Egypt to set the them free but all of a sudden they did.

October 2018

Heroes of Faith – Moses – Learning To Walk By Faith

Just like us, Moses had to learn the developed skill of walking by faith. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it.

Heroes of Faith – Moses – Embrace God’s Calling

The secret to Moses success was not in his gifting but in his eventual embracing of God’s calling.

Heroes of Faith – Moses Prt 2

When Moses realized that he was not who he thought he was his relationship with his surroundings changed.

Heroes of Faith – Moses

My journey toward total dependence on God starts when I realize that I am not who I thought I was.

September 2018


Vision – A portrait that God paints on the heart of every believer about what could be, and should be, in the Kingdom of God. 

Trusting God’s Love

Difficulty can derail us from our purpose; therefore, we must trust in God’s love for us during difficult times.

In the Lion’s Den

Right thinking leads to right living.

Lessons from the Side of the Road

Listen this week to hear Jeremy shares a personal story about Gods provision in his life.  God cares to provide for you no matter how big or small you think the need may be.

Facing Crisis with Confidence

Crisis can take the confidence right out of our lives. David had a plan to deal with crisis and keep his confidence in God.

August 2018


Worship is God-centered but He is doing something in us as we worship. Isaiah 6 gives us the picture of what God is doing in us as we worship Him.

Serving is Our Calling

Jesus came to serve so we could believe. Now we get to serve so that others can believe.

The Servant Jesus

Jesus taught us the value of serving others.

It’s All About Serving

Serving is one of the most basic aspects of the rooted life. We are called to show the world the love and compassion of Jesus. When we serve it reveals God to a broken world while connecting us to his heart.

July 2018

Baby Steps to Financial Peace

Living according to God’s principles concerning money will give us financial peace and freedom.

Container or Conduit?

Am I the final resting place for God’s blessings in my life or do I keep the blessings flowing?

Give Where You Live

God wants us to be invested in His mission for the church.


Finding freedom from your baggage through Jesus.

June 2018

The Great Tragedy

Prayer is not a panic button to be pushed when everything is falling apart. It is a relationship to be pursued.

Come Unto Me

God speaks to us, what is he saying to us.

God’s Thoughts About Me

Knowing that God has plans for me brings joyful anticipation into my life.